FIT DETOX RETREATS IBIZA by Ibiza Sunrise Retreats  

FIT DETOX RETREATS IBIZA by Ibiza Sunrise Retreats

by Ibiza Sunrise Retreats

Fit Detox Retreats Ibiza

Ibiza Sunrise Retreats consider natural detox procedures paramount to health.
The Fit Detox Retreat programme includes daily yoga and meditation sessions, Pilates classes, long hikes and wellbeing-centered talks as well as alkalising food and juices, therapeutic massages and an Ayurvedic ceremony (Abhyangam) to facilitate deep tissue cleansing and rejuvenation.

Holistic Exercises develop and balance your body, mind & spirit, yoga and Pilates make you stronger and more supple and finally you will become clear headed, more focused and deeply relaxed.

Although not available on site yet Ibiza Sunrise Retreats recommend a colonic hydrotherapy treatment before, and after the retreat, as well as liver cleansing before the retreat.
Benefits of colonic hydrotherapy include increased energy levels, improved digestive function and nutrient & water absorption, elimination and relief from bloating and abdominal discomfort, elimination of yeast and bad bacterial build up in the bowel, boosted immunity, mental clarity and improved skin quality.
Colonics also have immediate effect on the liver, facilitating more complete drainage of the bile duct and furthermore significant improvement of the body’s overall ability to detoxify.
- Colonic hydrotherapy will be facilitated on site  soon !

* Participants will be given instructions on booking, those based in London will be referred to one of our affiliated clinics for a discounted treatment.

Detox Diet
Enjoy a delicious, nutritious, vegetarian menu of fresh, organic and locally grown food, and juices that cleanse and rebalance the body that supports all levels of activity during the retreat.
The simple and sustainable diet is completely unprocessed, caffeine free, low in salt, sugar & grains and highly alkalising to help your recovery progress, speed up body composition changes in order to gain more health and energy
This way of eating is easy to maintain when you get back to your daily routines.

There will be downtime scheduled every day to enable you to discover Ibiza’s beautiful almond, olive & orange groves, cliff tops, coves, mountain springs, pine forests, turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and winding roads.
Ibiza’s natural healing energy as well as our serene, luxury surroundings will facilitate rest, recovery and rejuvenation.





per person
Private room
double bedroom
Room sharers
2 people/ room
Monday 15 April - Monday 22 April 2013

7 days

3100 €

1950 €

Monday 06 May - Friday 10 May 2013

5 days

2400 €

1550 €

Thursday 06 June - Monday 10 June 2013

5 days

2400 €

1550 €

Sunday 07 July - Thursday 11 July 2013

5 days

2400 €

1550 €

Retreat prices include: airport transfers and transportation during your stay, accommodation,
                          catering and participation in all exercise instruction and therapies.

- Return BA flights from London City Airport to Ibiza, can be added to your booking.
- Additional health and beauty treatments - can be booked prior, or during your stay
- Offer discounted signature and custom retreats to groups of 8+ people                

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